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Onyx Mat

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Why using Onyx Mat?

In order to effectively take off the chill and remove the active oxygen, the increase of body temperature through appropriate exercise and discharge of toxins and the chill through the sweat are most desirable. However, modern peoples with busy lives find it difficult to solve this through exercise, due to environmental restrictions and time shortage. Every human body needs to sleep about one third of their lives. When you can discharge toxins and take off the chill while you sleep, you can spend time more efficiently. This becomes possible, thanks to this Onyx Mat. It is strongly recommendable that the high emission rates of far infrared rays and anions by this Onyx Mat will be able to provide you with a living body-activating energy while you sleep.

Containing more than 10 mineral substances including germanium, gold, silver and titanium that emit beneficial waves to human body, this mat is made of onyx stone. If this mat is heated up, it emits a lot of far infrared rays and radiant heat which permeate deep into the skin. Living body-activating energy generated by Onyx Mat permeates deep into the skin and supplies oxygen. It also smoothes the blood circulation, relieves pains and thoroughly discharges toxins accumulated in the body and takes off the chill. This is very beneficial and makes your body to feel light and your skin shiny and transparent.

Effects of Onyx Mat

  1. If you experience this Onyx Mat for 40 minutes ~ one hour at above 40'C, you can feel your body refreshed and light.
  2. It increases your blood circulation.
  3. It improves your immunity.
  4. It is effective for the persons whose hands or legs are benumbed.
  5. It helps to relieve pains in shoulder, waist, knees or neuralgia.
  6. This is good for leucorrhea, irregular periods or period pains.
  7. It is helpful for bruise or muscle spasm.
  8. It is helpful for muscle relaxation or lumped muscle.

Onyx Mat
A product to maximize the effects of muscle relaxation, taking off the chill and discharging toxins!!!

* You may have some temporary reactions like fever, itching or fatigue, while using the mat. You don't need to worry about these, because they are temporary symptoms shown while the toxins accumulated in the blood are discharging. If you continue to use it while you sleep, they disappear soon and you can restore your health.