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Cell Wave Cream

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This CELL WAVE CREAM makes your yellow dust and various environmental pollution-stricken, dull and tired skin soft and supple and restores its elasticity and health.

Characteristics of CELL WAVE CREAM

  • This massage cream makes your dull and dark skin clean, soft and supple and elastic.
  • As a soft cream type, it gently and comfortably improves your skin troubles and keeps it soft, supple and elastic.
    In addition, it effectively removes the horny layers by rolling procedures.
  • The ingredients effective on soothing and purifying the skin nourish and moisturize your skin and make it soft and supple.
  • This is very effective for the persons who have dry skin, atopic dermatitis or fatty skin.
  • This improves the blood flow of skin and helps discharge waste matter or toxins accumulated in the skin.
  • This massage CELL WAVE CREAM can be applied for all skin types.
    The waves emitted from this cream are suitable for your autonomic nerve system and help your massage.

How to Use
Apply it to your face and give a massage in various ways including meridian pathways or lymphatic massage until its cream texture becomes feeling soft. Then wipe off lightly with a warm towel or sponge. For your body, wipe off with a dry towel. If you use this massage cream at night, it will be more effective, because skin can be well moisturized and nourished in the night.

MASSAGE CELL WAVE CREAM would be good for the following persons.

  • Dry or atopic skin
  • Dull and dark skin or the person who has a lot of toxins accumulated in the body.
  • The persons whose body feels stiff or hard due to mental or physical stress
  • The persons who have cellulite, edema or fatness (obesity) or problems in lymphatic system.
  • This can be applied as a lotion after having a shower.

* Wave energy means that life force can be activated through the purification of minor energy in the body.
* This wave massage energy cream has functions for skin lifting, excellent moisturizing and cell activation.