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Woman Healthy Device -Shinkoongbo-

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NEONIX SHINKOONGBO is a science from nature.
Using 100% Korean onyx rough stone that contains gold, silver, oxidized titanium and germanium, you can feel its own energy of a living stone. You can feel far infrared heat, anion energy and wave energy emitted from a living stone, which are beneficial for human body.

SHINKOONGBO reinforcing the immune system and maintaining a healthy life
By inserting this product into woman's vagina, it makes woman's body filled with aura energy and promotes blood circulation. That is, the inserted rough stone of SHINKOONGBO in the body absorbs the heat in the vagina and then generates heat again, which lead to heat the body up by 2-3'C higher than the body temperature and improve the blood circulation. This is very helpful in maintaining woman's body healthy, by warming her cooled body up.

Raw Material:
100% Korean Onyx rough stone (amphibole kind)

How to Use

  • Be sure to always wash it with water just coming out of tap, before using it.
  • Soak it in warm water for one minute before using and insert it into the vagina, which would be more effective.
  • If possible, use it while you sleep, when you are not physically active.
  • If you want to use it during the day, use it anytime you are not physically active, if possible.
  • Never use it for over 10 hours.
  • Every woman can use it except a pregnant woman or an intensive care patient.

Effects (This would be good for following cases.)

Leucorrhea, Urinary incontinence, Uterine contraction, Vaginal odors, Hip-up, Abdominal elasticity, Woman in the menopause, Hemorrhoids mitigation, Woman who needs to contract her vaginal muscles [Sphincter (Kegel) exercise after inserted.]
This contains gold, silver, germanium and oxidized titanium which are good for body purification. This also contains silicone dioxide that is good to remove or absorb smells.

Temporary Reactions

  • It may cause temporary waist ache.
  • You may feel stiff in your uterus.


  • Don't use it for a pregnant woman or woman in her period.
  • Be sure to always wash it with water just coming out of tap, after using it.
  • After soaking in hot water, then dry and store it.
  • Keep it away from infants or children.
  • It may come out when you insert it on a physically active day or need any exercise to contract the vaginal muscles.