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Wonderful Comb

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How to Use

  • When you have a migraine, brush your hair with this comb, gently pressing the pained area. It reduces your headache.
  • In your daily life, you can massage your scalp by combing hair with this comb for your stiff and heavy head. This can make your head feel light.
  • For the person having severe headache, the first brushing with this comb may cause some pain. It is because the scalp blood flow is not getting through yet. If you continue to comb, it can make your head feel light.
  • Frequent use of this comb for the area where hair is falling out helps prevent alopecia.
  • A portable bag provided will make your carry easier and help you use it anytime and anywhere.
  • This Wonderful Comb is made of 100% rough stone and emits anions and far infrared rays. If you brush on your crumpling muscles or skin with this comb like giving a massage as well as scalp, you can feel refreshed or have the best massage effect.

Effects (This would be good for following cases.)
Scalp health, prevention of alopecia, pain mitigation

Don't throw or drop it, because this is made from a natural stone and can be easily broken.

Raw Material
100% Korean onyx rough stone